In Magadan have arrested a suspect in the murder of missing girl

PHOTO : MIR / Marina Grekova


In Magadan detained and arrested a suspect in the murder of four-year old girl, reports “WORLD 24”. The body of a child found at the city dump.

Guilt 65-year-old Alexander Stankov fully acknowledged. In the village of Snow, where the tragedy occurred, he came in March of this year. Here was able to get a job. Earlier Stanghow already been convicted of murder.

About the disappearance of Milena in the village of Snow, it became known on Sunday afternoon. The alarm was raised by the mother. According to her, the girl was playing on the Playground with his seven year old brother and one child. With him later she went to another street. The boy returned home alone.

“She’s never from the yard. We still have a child, they usually walk together. But yesterday he Sakaguchi and did not go. She went out with this boy,” says mom Milena Natalia Osipova.

According to police, it was lost time, since no one immediately reported him missing. First, the mother appealed to the volunteers, and they began independent searches. And in the evening they went to the duty part of the police.