In Malaysia, investigate the wedding forty-year old men and 11 year old girls

В Малайзии расследуют свадьбу сорокалетнего мужчины и 11-летней девочки

Police are investigating a case of 40-year-old Che Abdul Karim, who married a minor girl. It turned out that she was 3 wife of a merchant.

В Малайзии расследуют свадьбу сорокалетнего мужчины и 11-летней девочки

The worst thing about this story — age girls. At the time of marriage she was only 11 years old. At least Muslims can get married after the consent of the parents, it still sounds scary…

A native of Malaysia can legally have 4 wives.

But the marriage of the trader, and 11-year-old girl was not legalized Sharia court, so the case started investigation.

At the moment, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, discusses the issue of banning early marriage.

On the Internet quickly spread pictures of the wedding forty-year-old dealer metal and a little girl.

Malaysian media reported that the man already has 2 wives and six children of different ages. Che Abdul Karim lives in a small village, close to Kelantan.

В Малайзии расследуют свадьбу сорокалетнего мужчины и 11-летней девочки

Che himself said that marriage is completely legalized, as the parents of 11-year-old wife have agreed.

The dealer also added that the wife will live with their parents until they reach 16 years of age. Then the man will register the marriage officially.

By the way, herself a young bride is surprised by the scandal surrounding their relationship. According to the girl, she loves her chosen.

Law enforcement bodies consider that the parents have agreed to this step because of lack of money. The girl never went to school.

The investigation was launched.

“We have to solve the problem of early marriage, as all children of the country — our children. Their problems are our including,” says WAN Aziza WAN Ismail.

Residents sign petitions that the minimum age for marriage raised to 18 or at least 16 years of age. And I advise you to enter a term in prison for the marriage to majority.

The Council on human rights stated its concern about such situations, because the religious permission of early marriages, untie the hands of pedophiles.

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