In Malaysia, the driver took video of the Ghost of the woman

A mysterious video discuss Network. Users talking about the appearance of another Ghost.

У Малайзії водій зняв на відео привид жінки

9 APR in Malaysia has been a mystical incident. At 3:25 local time on camera driver DVR recorded the Ghost of a woman. The video published on the YouTube channel, reports Rus.Media.

In the frame of the car pursues the figure of a woman. Husband several times on the sidelines sees her silhouette. “Mystical” woman in an incredible way I see it right in front of the car on the other side of the highway.

As a result, the man loses his temper and rushes in the opposite direction from the Ghost. He decided to turn the vehicle around and drove back.

The video became viral online. The video looked more than 50 thousand people. Some followers suggested that this kind of improvisation on the support of the Malaysian horror movie The Legend of Pontianak.

“The Ghost has no head. Maybe that lady was beheaded in a Muslim country?” “It’s a trick. Setting” “This is my Abuelita Dandruff! Don’t worry, she is doing this night,” said the user.

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