In Mali killed 13 French military: what is known

В Мали погибли 13 французских военных: что известно

On Monday evening in Mali, thirteen French soldiers were killed in the crash of the helicopters. This was reported by the French official representatives on Tuesday morning, calling it the deadliest incident for the French army for almost four decades, reports the NYT.

The soldiers were part of a contingent of 4,500 French forces, which operate in the Sahel region of West Africa in 2013 to fight with the jihadists.

According to military officials, two helicopters of the French army supported a ground operation by French commandos who were tracking a group of jihadists travelling across the desert in pickup trucks and motorcycles. Flying at low altitude, they crashed into each other.

According to officials, the French soldiers were no survivors. President Emmanuel macron said on Twitter: “these thirteen had only one goal: to protect us.”

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