In Marseille, sadness at two speeds

    In Marseille, sadness at two speeds

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    Michèle Rubirola’s resignation may not be capital, but it’s Marseille here baby and everything necessarily takes on greater proportions. Thus, by abandoning her seat as mayor on Tuesday for health reasons, the elected ecologist, installed at the head of the Town Hall in July after twenty-five years of reign of Jean-Claude Gaudin, provoked the ire a very organized opposition. Martine Vassal, former LR candidate and announced heir to Gaudin, said so “Stunned” of this decision and expressed his sadness “For Marseilles and the Marseillais”. “She abandons Marseille, she abandons the Marseillais and she flees her responsibilities”, commented ex-LR Bruno Gilles in a press release. The RN (ex-FN) Stéphane Ravier, another candidate for mayor of Marseille in the spring, has called for a new municipal election. “What I am proposing is that there are no arrangements

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    In Marseille, sadness at two speeds

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    In Marseille, sadness at two speeds

    Sylvain Chazot

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