In Mexico, members of a drug cartel shot by police

В Мексике члены наркокартеля расстреляли полицейских

In Mexico-the murder of a police officer.

This is reported by American media.

Recently in Mexico, occurred the treacherous murder of a police officer, who according to preliminary information, was involved in the attempted arrest of the son of infamous drug Lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. In a network there was video from a city surveillance camera, which shows how a police officer drove up in a white car to the supermarket, and behind him pulled up and another car that parked close by. At the same moment, the car ran a few armed men, who just opened fire with automatic weapons on the police car. According to preliminary information, the police made more than 150 shots. Of course, the representative of law enforcement from injuries incompatible with life, died on the spot.