In Miami zoo born Rhino first “test-tube”

В зоопарке Майами родился первый носорог «из пробирки»

Employees zoo in Miami (USA) announced the completion of the family of rare Indian rhinoceroses.

On Tuesday, April 23, seven-year-old female named Ākūti (which translated from Hindi means “Princess”) gave birth to a cub. The pregnancy lasted 15 months – normal for these animals in prison, reports .

“Happy father” became 18-year-old male named Sura. The zoo staff said that all attempts to obtain from this pair offspring in a natural way have been unsuccessful.

“What is our life? Game!”В зоопарке Майами родился первый носорог «из пробирки»“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” So they had to resort to artificial insemination. During pregnancy experts Ākūti kept under constant surveillance.

The kid has become the world’s first Rhino conceived “in vitro” and successfully emerged into the light. Its gender is not yet known. The initial examination showed that he was quite healthy.

A thorough medical examination has decided to postpone, not to injure the young mother – she is very nervous to attempt to approach the cub.

The zoo expressed the hope that Ākūti to fully manifest the maternal instinct in females of the rhinoceros there are problems with it.

Interestingly, both she and Sura have never lived in the wild. They were born in the Safari Park San Diego and in different years were taken in the Florida zoo.

Only the will survived less than three thousand Indian rhinos. They live in small protected areas of India and Nepal.

Earlier it became known that the last male Northern white Rhino named Sudan died from old age. Survived by his daughter and granddaughter. Scientists are working on a plan to revive the form with the help of modern reproductive technologies.