In Minsk, the independence Day was celebrated with a tournament on a power extreme

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Tatiana Konstantinova


July 3 – a special day for Belarus. The country celebrates the main state holiday – Independence Day. Exactly 75 years ago, Minsk was liberated from Nazi invaders. The main event of the festival will be a parade, it will be held in the evening, so in all corners of the country turned festivities. On the line from Minsk – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Olga Baranova.

A festive mood across the country today. Today in Belarus a day off. And although it is only a plus 17 and rainy weather does not spoil the atmosphere. Only in Minsk has more than hundreds of sites.

One of the most ambitious – at the sports Palace. Here you can see a concert, dance, organized by the holiday trade, you can drink tea from a real samovar, turned around and the whole city masters – for every taste the products of Belarusian artisans. Minskers and guests of the capital in good spirits, congratulating each other on independence Day.

In these moments compete real heroes. In Minsk held
The international tournament on a power extreme. These contests are a tradition on independence Day. You need to move four cars and 10 tons! With the audience support and admiration.

“The main thing – the atmosphere. May 9, July 3, when you come out and support you, it’s indescribable, immediately raises the adrenaline. If you showed one result, then when you come here, everything is doubled”, – shared his emotions Zmitser Kaspiarovich, the master of sports on weightlifting.

But the most interesting – ahead. The culmination of the independence Day will be a parade. This year he for the first time will be held in the evening. Beginning at 21:00. Grand action will open the aircraft, then will come the turn of the Hiking crews and equipment. The parade will be involved almost four thousand men, including soldiers from Russia and other CIS countries, and about 300 units of equipment.

The procession will culminate in a large-scale action: the whole country will sing the national anthem of Belarus. Well, later the sky over Minsk will be lit up by fireworks, it will give just six points.