In Minsk was named the best print media

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elena Andreeva


In Minsk announced the winners of the national print media contest “Golden letter”, reports “WORLD 24”.

All had more than 300 applicants to win. In the end, the coveted statuette received 23 journalists. Winners were selected in different categories: from socio-political to sports. Also awarded the best project and awarded a special prize “For contribution to journalism”.

“What is a journalistic work? This is the work of a large team of people. That and proofreaders, and layout designers, and editors. And each of them involved in your work. When there is going to so many journalists, so many colleagues, it means our common victory, a common cause that we do and will try to do even better,” says the Explorer edition of “SB-Belarus today” Eugene Kononovich.

“All the public and social phenomena that happen in our lives, in our country, attract the attention of journalists are information reasons for the different performances. This is today’s result,” – says the Minister of information of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Karlyukevich.

The jury included representatives of the Ministry of information, politicians, MPs and public figures. The prestigious award is traditionally awarded in the framework of the exhibition “media in Belarus”.