In Morshyn has a new three-meter symbol of the Carpathians

В Моршине появился новый трехметровый символ Карпат

In Ukraine continues the trend of installing statues of animals. In Kiev on the site of the “blue hands” set of the ice lynx and 6 November in the Spa Park in the city opened a 3-foot sculpture depicting animals listed in the Red book of Ukraine. Ukrainians have chosen the lynx as a symbol of the Carpathians.

About it reports a press-service of the project “Together for nature”.

The project of Peter Gronsky “Reflections” was chosen from more than 100 works proposed for installation in Morshyn.

“We believe that the sculpture of a Cougar, which appeared today in the Park Morshyn, will become a real tourist attraction of the small town and carry most ambitious mission: to draw attention to the disappearance of endangered species in Ukraine, to develop regional tourism and to find young talented Ukrainian”, – said the representative of the organizer of the project Marina Solovyov.

“Reflection” is a three-meter sculpture, weighing about 600 kilograms. On its creation worked with a team of 15 people, and the production took more than 6 months. According to the artist, trot leaned over the stream and drinks the water.

“How long without the protection of a man, the lynx will see its reflection in the water of the Carpathian brook? It is to this question should allow the viewers of my project. I wanted to create a photographic and generalized image of the lynx, which should fit harmoniously into the landscape of the Park” – explains the sculptor Pyotr Gronsky.

The project is implemented jointly with the world wildlife Fund, WWF Ukraine, which in June this year began the environmental program “save the lynx”.

В Моршине появился новый трехметровый символ Карпат

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