In Moscow, for sale cottage for three billion rubles

В Москве продается дача за три миллиарда рублей

Experts conducted a study and found that the most expensive private residence on the territory of Moscow sale in the Silver forest. The building has a surface of 560 square meters and is located on a plot of 143 acres. It can be purchased for of 2.96 billion. This is stated on the website CYANOGEN.

As noted, the house is decorated in Palace style. In the interior of the house used stucco, decorative painting, and imitation gold. Meanwhile, analysts indicate that the price of the object to a greater extent influenced the area of land on which houses the property.

Second place in the ranking took the house, which is also located in Serebryany Bor. We are talking about the cottage, built in the English style. House area – 450 square meters and a plot of 40 acres. It retails for of 1.17 billion.

Third place went to the home in the Village of artists on the Falcon. The building has an area of 600 square meters and stands on a plot of 10 acres exposed. He asked 977,4 million rubles.

Earlier it was reported that analysts portal “World apartments” to find out where the most expensive apartment in Russia. It turned out that the luxury housing is sold in the capital for an apartment with a free plan on the 14th floor of the hotel “Moscow” at Okhotny Ryad asking for 1.7 billion rubles. The apartment with an area of 530 sq. m overlooking the state Duma, Manezhnaya square. However, despite all the benefits, luxury housing for 2.5 years can not find a buyer.