In Moscow has successfully tested the system of combating Hogweed

In Naro-Fominsk municipal district successfully tested a comprehensive system of combating Hogweed using drones. Unmanned vehicles are sprayed with dangerous plants specially selected herbicides, RIAMA reports with reference to Minister of agriculture and food of the Moscow region Andrey Razin.

Razin said that after the chemical treatment area was under a constant supervision of specialists. According to the monitoring results, the experts concluded that the tests were successful.

For spraying were selected only substances that showed the highest efficiency even with a single treatment. In addition to herbicides and drones system to combat Hogweed involves the use of satellite data and survey drones. While drones use technology directional and low-volume spraying, which allows to avoid “collateral casualties” among the plants.

The Minister explained that the new system allows you to quickly find the centers of the weed distribution, estimate the density of the undergrowth and automatically plot a route for flying drones and subsequent treatment with herbicides. He also noted that in some areas with the help of data technology has completely eliminated thickets of Hogweed.

According to Razin, the system allows you to save from 20% to 30% of chemical means to destroy weeds in hard to reach places and prevent their further spread.

“After the results of the test in Naro-Fominsk district will be held on the territories contaminated with Hogweed total area of 50 hectares. The mass application of the technology is scheduled to begin in Moscow in 2020,” the Minister added.