In Moscow have detained the debtor, who threatened police officers with a grenade

В Москве задержали должника, который угрожал приставам гранатой

In Moscow, police detained a man who threatened the bailiffs with a grenade locked in his apartment on Oktyabrskaya street. On Monday, reports TASS with reference to head of the press service of the MIA Yuri Titov.

Police officers conducted negotiations with the Muscovite from 11 o’clock in the morning. The police were aware that his father was a soldier, so he could really be a grenade. But the guards managed to persuade the man to let them in the house. After that, he was arrested and taken to the police station for investigation.

It is known that in 2011, 40-year-old man entered into a mortgage contract with a credit institution in the amount of two million roubles on the security of his apartment with an area of 54.3 square meters on Oktyabrskaya street. The apartment was estimated at seven million rubles.

However, a few years ago the apartment extended to the Bank in connection with the fact that Muscovite has not made payment under the contract. The debtor has tried to challenge this decision in 2013, saying that he received the money in full, but the court found this evidence and recognized the contract law.

In 2016, the Ostankino court of Moscow has satisfied the claim of the Bank for the eviction of the tenant from the apartment. Later, the man and his representative unsuccessfully tried to appeal the court ruling.