In Moscow say goodbye to the journalist Sergey Dorenko

The Troekurov cemetery in Moscow starts the ceremony of farewell with Sergey Dorenko. He died at the age of 59 years at the wheel of his motorcycle. Cause of death was aortic rupture. Sergey Polyakov on the work of the journalist.

God gave a wonderful unique voice. Sergei Dorenko knew about it and knew how to use that voice to its fullest.

“He – man flight, he liked the feeling. Perhaps it was his way to relax, to gain experience for his art,” said the daughter of Sergei Dorenko Ekaterina Dorenko.

The son of a military pilot, “garrison lad” Dorenko was well versed in motors. But this time could not resist the heart of the most Dorenko. The opinion of medical experts – an aortic rupture.

Dorenko has landed the broadcaster in 1985, at the beginning of perestroika. Straight from the warring Angola, a military interpreter who took him away to fulfill the international duty. Five years later, Dorenko in the first team of the new Russian television.

Bans and censorship in the air – not about Dorenko. But he decided to file the event.

“He was desperate, allowed himself to things that no one else was allowed. He quickly thought. His head was cooked remarkably quickly,” – says journalist Alexander Minkin.

Dorenko just came in time. Time for a new, author’s television, where the presenter is not a speaker, and a person, and reporters, as soldiers live with the information the forefront.

“He liked the brutal style. He tried to comply and conform. Even death he has the same beautiful, courageous, on the bike,” said the journalist Nikolai Svanidze.