In Moscow show movies in the courts of unusual houses

В Москве покажут кино во дворах необычных домов

In Moscow from July 13 to kick off the third season traveling cinema club “Movie the eyes of an engineer”. Screenings of Patriotic films will be held in the courtyards of the unusual Metropolitan houses built during the Soviet era, the official website of the government of the capital.

“Cinemas for the screenings will serve as an iconic architectural buildings such as red house on the street Builders, circular home on the street Dovzhenko and Cisowski house on Autumn street with an unusual layout,” – said the General Director of a network “Moschino” Svetlana Maximchenko.

She noted that the building, next to which will show films, are built in those years when we were shooting the film.

Before the film screenings, the citizens will listen to lectures about the features of the residential architecture of Moscow during the Soviet era. The sessions will run until 7 September. Admission is free, please pre-register at Moschino.

Earlier it was reported that in the Balaklava Bay in Sevastopol offered to show movies on the sails of yachts.