In Moscow will be free art lessons

В Москве пройдут бесплатные уроки живописи

In Moscow on 27 July will be held the annual event “Moscow open air”. Citizens will be able to attend free art classes in 76 cultural centers, reported on the official portal of the government of the capital.

This year the theme of the campaign is “My neighborhood”. To participate in art lessons, everyone can. To be a professional plein air artists. They will help participants to choose the right color, talk about painting technique.

In this case, easels, canvases, paint, brushes and pencils for free will be given on the spot. After the lesson, residents can take the picture for memory.

Just organize 78 free painting lessons, and in some cases require pre-registration.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow parks in the framework of the program “Healthy Moscow” opened the so-called veranda of health. Visitors will be able to listen to lectures and participate in workshops.