In Ncorpus said that their people in the Golden remains of the weapon

В Нацкорпусе заявили, что у их людей в Золотом остается оружие

The activists of the National housing located in Golden, said that the interior Ministry information about their disarmament exaggerated. On Monday, October 28, said the representative of Ncorpus Denis amber channel Our.

“Yesterday’s statement to the police that the veterans moved the weapons out of Gold is stretched information,” he said.

The amber added that certain compromises were, but “they are too exaggerated”. “Our weapon is our people remains. If needed, we had positions in Gold may return”, – said the representative of Nazarus. He also reported on possible rotation of activists on the demarcation line at the Golden.

Also today, the Deputy head of the national police Trojan has denied the intention of the authorities to disarm nationalists in Gold.

We will remind that on October 26 the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky came to town gold-4, where volunteers and veterans oppose the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops and commented on the possibility of meeting with the protesters, “No surrender.” While chatting with one of the volunteers Zelensky said that he is the President of Ukraine, he is 42 years old and he is not “some goof”. Zelensky also asked volunteers to take the weapons from the village.

The nationalists in the Golden stated that the government is preparing to disarm them.

“Country” was sorted out, which means hassle Zelensky with the nationalists in Gold.

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