In new York painting by Claude Monet has sold for a record amount

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elena Andreeva,


In new York, at auction on the theme of “Impressionism and modern art” painting by Claude Monet “Haystacks” was sold more than 110 million dollars, reports RIA “Novosti”. Auction held auction house Sotheby’s.

A series of around 30 paintings depicting haystacks French impressionist wrote when buying a house with a garden in the commune of Giverny, 80 kilometers from Paris. Here, in the local churchyard, the artist was buried.

The previous record price was held in November 2016, when the hammer took the canvas from this series called “Haystack”. The cost amounted to more than 81 million dollars.

Earlier it became known that at the end of the week in new York held another auction. It going to auction off the costumes of music stars – more than 600 lots.