In New Zealand a man with a machete 14 hours kept children hostage

В Новой Зеландии мужчина с мачете 14 часов держал детей в заложниках

New Zealand police shot and killed an armed man, 14 hours holding children hostage. About it reports the local edition SunLive, citing police data.

The incident occurred in the city of Tauranga on the North island. The police to the house on the street Oriana Crescent shortly after midnight on November 24 called by a local resident. She reported that the assailant threatened her with a knife, but she managed to escape and reach neighbors.

At the same time, it became clear that the house with the armed man had remained three minors: four, six and 11 years. Out of fear for their lives, police had entered the house. There they found that men in addition to the knife is a machete: he put a gun to the throat of one of the children and threatened to kill him if the security forces did not leave the building. Eventually the police retreated and the attacker along with two children were locked in the dressing room.

A man started to negotiate, but he went on contact are extremely reluctant. By mid-day it was decided to rescue the children by force: there were serious concerns for their health because of the heat indoors and the lack of food and water. In the end, the man, who at the time of the assault held the knife at the breast of one of the children was shot.

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