In New Zealand have discovered a giant underwater volcano

В Новой Зеландии обнаружили гигантский подводный вулкана

Scientists have spent more than $ 22 million in search of a new underwater volcano, about which there was speculation. It is reported that on the coast of New Zealand discovered a giant volcano, called Kiwi.

Scientist Cornel de Ronde, who was involved in the testing of submarines, together with colleagues on the coast of New Zealand found an underwater volcano. It is reported that the magma and volcanic rocks, the Kiwi is extremely rich in metals such as copper and gold. The main objective of the next expedition to the hydrologically active submarine volcano in the world was to learn more about how metals are formed by underwater volcanoes.

Scientists also got a better understanding of what regulates the chemical composition of sea water. As it turned out, the chemical reactions between rocks and seawater at the depth of the volcano change the chemistry of the fluid that is released into the ocean through hydrothermal vents, ” said Dr. Suzane Humphries from the American Oceanographic Institute woods hole.


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