In Niger, dozens of people came in for fuel and died from the explosion

В Нигере десятки человек пришли за топливом и погибли от взрыва

Near the capital of Niger, dozens of people were killed in the explosion of a fuel truck. They all came to the fallen truck to collect fuel, reports .

Tanker truck overturned on the road linking the airport with the settlement. The incident occurred near the railroad tracks when the driver tried to Park. Local residents decided to collect fuel, but at some point the explosion occurred. At least 58 people were killed and another 37 were injured.

According to the preliminary version, cause of PE could spark one of the audience near the truck of motorcycles.

In January of this year in the Mexican municipality of Tlahualilo in place of illegal tie-in pipeline due to leakage of gasoline, a massive explosion. Victims of tragedy of steel 135 people.