In Nikolaev against Savchenko is a mass protest

On the morning of 29 March under the Nikolaev regional state administration gathered about 300 activists of the “National team”, “Freedom” and “Movement new forces.”

У Миколаєві проти Савченка відбувається масовий протест

The protesters demanded the resignation of the head of administration Alexey Savchenko in connection with the suicide of the acting Director of the Nikolaev airport Vladislav Voloshin.

As the press service Nacpac region, the building Nikolaev yeah heavily guarded by law enforcement officers. According to the chief of the National police in the Nikolaev area Yury Moroz, in place of 450 police officers.

Security forces surrounded the building of the Nikolaev regional state administration: video

The online “news-N” notes that this company special purpose police of Nikolaev, Odessa and Kherson, as well as tactical and operational mouth of Nikolaev. There is also information that near the regional state administration operates the National guard.

“The police from one of the public organizations of the city received information that on 29 March, during the picket under walls of the Nikolaev regional state administration planned provocation in the form of fights between protesters in order to provoke the police and accuse them of obstructing the holding of peaceful rallies. The police of the Nikolaev area appeals to all citizens who plan to take part in public events to maintain order, not to break the law, not to engage in provocations and to efficiently use their right to peaceful Assembly,” reads the Agency’s website.

Activists have managed to hang out the posters on the railing, yeah.

Rus.Media reports that the protesters broke through the first cordon of security forces at the entrance to the building and trying to get to the session hall, but the police did not miss. But resource “Nikvesti” reports that in the session hall still went about 50 people.

Activists try to break into the building yeah: video

“You as people who represent the interests of the community must be put to the vote the resignation of the Governor and his Deputy. You need to ensure that we got the truth” – appealed from the rostrum to the deputies of the head of the “National body” in the Nikolaev area Denis amber.

Alexey Savchenko is now hurt, so the session RSA cannot appear.

The events under Nikolaev yeah: stream

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