In Nikolaevsk a regional Council the riot. MPs want to replace him as head of the regional Council

В Николаевском облсовете бунт. Депутаты хотят сместить с должности главу облсовета

In Nikolaev deputies of the regional Council broke the door to the session hall and brought out a voting booth. This was announced by the head of the Nikolaev regional Council Victoria Moskalenko in Facebook.

“A group of deputies broke down the door to the session hall after the end of the day and brought out the voting booth. Now this event to engage in law enforcement. I want to note that this is done in order to make a revolution in the regional Council, in particular, to illegally remove me from office,” – said Moskalenko.

According to the head of the regional Council, in the hall there’s expensive equipment for electronic voting and other valuables because there illegal entry is a criminal offence. Moskalenko also noted that all of this is further evidence of interference in the work of the regional Council of the RSA. So she formally requested that the police and the security service to intervene in these events and give them a proper assessment.
As UKRINFORM reported, now the hall is barricaded at the entrance to it are law enforcement and anyone not allowed inside.

Now, a group of deputies conducts a closed meeting in one of the premises of the regional Council on the fourth floor. In the hall there is a lot of journalists and activists, but no one in the meeting is not allowed.

According to well-known in Nikolaev volunteers and activists Olga Verbitskaya, now in the regional Council there is something “like a vote on 16 January 2014 the Verkhovna Rada”.

“A group of anti-minded deputies trying in any way to impeach the Chairman of the regional Council. It is illegal. Now we expect our activists, Alovlu and will be ready to act appropriately to what is going to happen”, – said Verbitskaya.

Previously, “Country” wrote that the Odessa regional Council asked Zelensky, Rada and the Cabinet.

We also reported that Oleynik became the new head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Council.

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