In OAU VDRIVE naili have in the 3D Museum

В ОАЕ відкрився найбільший у світі 3D музей

Skin exponat Museum ogiva, if podivitis through to Demba Ob ctiv fotoaparata, ABO mobilnogo phone.
Have Duba VDRIVE 3D Trick Art Museum, yaky yea denim have swoa rod on Blizkomu Shot. The scale of the mortgage Vraja – VIN SIMA two powerhe and Yogo perevesu area of 7000 sq m.

Have skin kutochku Museum, pochinayuchi from the front to towns STN, vdduv Ceca yakas colorful optiona Lusa. Do is staute Triveni for guests to bet Pereda Over stvoreny exposes pracowali of about 20 hudojniku zi vsogo svitu, yaki specjalno prileteli in Dubai. On the design of the space Museum pslo mayzhe purose. Have mouse Trick Art tourists Ceca shoplouk journey in kraïnu fantasies: polit on kilim-ltake, pogulyanka through the canyon on netaknutom the rope, plavannya s shark ABO forwarding glib nebezpechnih jungla. Museum rozdeleni on nine five zones for themes: Luz, Arabic world, Gipet, the water I tvarina Kingdom, shedevri is, fences, Lis I humoristicno room. Skin exponat Museum ogiva, if podivitis through to Demba Ob ctiv fotoaparata ABO mobilnogo phone. Raman TCU, proprietor of the Museum, saying, scho cutaneous exponat CCB s special really vdei, I vdvoine and designs available ACCOR raspisanii of artists. Taqiy scrupulously pdhd dozvola vdbum meprobamate nesvacil emot I literally become calinou art Ob CTA. “On RSNA stages Bulo sadana decline teams oformlyat. One team vdova for vigotovlennya comp udarnogo layout, another for Yogo vdvoine in pavilion. The third team simulate oformleny hudonogov space, chetvertiy CCB of doruceni Poshuk right vdcw. In Muse all guilty Buti garmonijnih: from Oswin to condiziona primmest, after only so you can Domotica Baganova the effect”. At the moment, if TCU prishla in the head idea Wakita Museum, VIN s entourage vzhe Volodi turystycznym Agency in Duba. There is a will vgcreate Museum 3D is savolta them about six years ago, if the stench pahali have vdustry on the Far East I vddl view the Museum there. Podruzhzhya works Duba of about 30 years, vono hotel podaruvaty mistu shoplouk schos, scho doda b has one touch to Yogo esclavage portrait, to put sobi for meta vgcreate not just a Museum, and naili have in. “Mi hotly to bring msavi color, do focus on visnick pam atki for this reason prekrasno of the country. In the Arabic pavilion host smooth pobachiti on VLAN Ochi Rinok spices, chovni Abri, the fountain in the shopping center Dubai Mall, and also first journey Cosmo OAU, that prisvyacheno exposita scho sobraga pdiam sovereign ensign of the OAU on the Month”.

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