In Odessa region three Alabai killed 71-the summer pensioner

In Odessa region three Alabai nearly tore the 71-year-old pensioner who looked after the house in whose yard the incident occurred.

В Одеській області три алабая розтерзали 71-річну пенсіонерку

Shepherd saved a woman’s life, sacrificing himself, reports Rus.Media.

In a small village Sanzheyka, which is located on the outskirts of Odessa region, on March 13, nearly killed 71-year-old woman. She was attacked by three dogs-alabais. The wounded victim is now in hospital, her condition is extremely serious. Insurance investigators in the region intend to look into the incident. Since dogs alabais is the owner, he will be responsible according to the legislation of Ukraine. He could do the recovery of a penalty, but the onset of a criminal record may also be present. Everything depends on the decision of the court.

The victim looked out for one house, as it was told to the owners. This fateful day, the pensioner also went to see if everything is OK, but three huge dog attacked her near the yard. The cry ran shepherd and rushed to save the woman. Alabais tore the animal to pieces. It actually paid his life for the salvation of man.

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