In Odessa, the Christmas star appeared in the register of records of Ukraine

Decorators have done so well that now the design noted in the National register of records.

В Одесі різдвяна зірка потрапила до реєстру рекордів України

The center of Odessa together with the Christmas tree and decorate the star, which is specially assembled for decorating seaside Boulevard, informs Rus.Media.

Christmas star, which was mounted in the center of Odessa, on the promenade, called the largest in Ukraine. This installation with a diameter of eight meters is listed on the national register of records. This design weighs 90 pounds and at night glows like a star.

Design made of unusual material – fiberglass and the weight of the star reaches 90 pounds, along with lights at night, the installation glows.

The installation created at the factory in the Black sea for five days. Made a star out of fiberglass material, which is used mainly for the needs of the space industry. It is durable and at the same time, very easy.