In our booksellers: 300 km of deliveries per week for Marie-Claude Gagnon

Chez nos libraires: 300 km de livraisons par semaine pour Marie-Claude Gagnon

The bookseller Marie-Claude Gagnon travels 300 km per week in the area of Charlevoix to make deliveries to its customers. She rolls on the 138 and 322 to cover Baie-Saint-Paul up to La Malbaie and the municipalities of les Éboulements and Saint-Irénée.

As the majority of booksellers, Marie-Claude Gagnon has seen its online orders explode since the closure of physical shops deemed non-essential.

“I had one or two orders per week, through the site, and there, it is 15 to 20 per day. I even made a first sent overseas with a shipment in Europe. This is really crazy “, she remarked.

The bookseller has made the acquisition of this business two years ago. The library is general, situated in the commercial center of The Village, has seen the light of day in 1978.

Librairie Baie-Saint-Paul serves a vast territory that extends from Beauport-up on the North Shore.

“We’re the only bookstore Charlevoix “, she insisted, in a telephone interview.

Orders come in mostly by the site and also by phone, by Facebook and by email.

A part of the days of the bookshop is devoted to the preparation of orders, shipments and postal delivery.

“I like the feeling of manage, a mega-warehouse and do not do my job as a bookseller. Yes, it is possible to counsel people via the internet and on the phone, but this is not the same thing. It is more complicated. I have clients who come to the library every week, and some of them, almost every day. I miss my customers, ” she said.

A hand

Monday, Zackary, teen 15 years, comes to give a helping hand to honour the many orders that are entered during the end of the week.

Marie-Claude Gagnon manages only the shop since its closure. The four part-time employees were dismissed temporarily.

The detective novel A better man, by Louise Penny, was a part of the top selling books, like school books and books for young people. These are the books of gardening that have the rating at this time.

The bookseller goes through good days work and she tries to spend 20 to 30 minutes reading.

“I kept up this routine that I have with my daughter Maïka before bedtime. The concentration is not all the time at the appointments, and I sometimes read the same page twice “, said the one who comes to attack The Diver, Stéphane Larue.

Marie-Claude Gagnon is believed to be able to open his bookstore, but the door of the warehouse of his business is not regarded as a door of access for the customer.

“I was ready. I had reorganized my business. The plexiglass was installed. Our Purell and our masks were ready. I’m a bit sad to see this, ” she confided.

Suggestions for Marie-Claude

  • The wind will carry us by Jojo Moyes, 2019
  • Like you by Lisa Jewell, 2019
  • Love letter, forbidden to Lucinda Riley, 2019
  • Bitch ‘s Marie-Pier Lafontaine, 2019
  • Shuni of Naomie Fontaine, 2019

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