In our booksellers: success in quebec in the eastern Townships

Chez nos libraires: succès québécois en Estrie

Quebec literature is a very good seller in the Biblairies GGC, Sherbrooke and Magog. The director-general and independent bookseller Etienne-Guy Caza’s clear that people have responded to the call to buy local.

The novel A man best of Louise Penny, the Darkness of Paul Kawczak, Paul at the house of Michel Rabagliati, the BD youth Officer John!, Not even the noise of a river of Hélène Dorion and Your dead to me David Goudreault are the best sellers.

“It works very strong and it is very marked. People want to read quebec “, has he said, during a phone interview.

Detective stories and books on gardening, as The gardener-truck farmer, Jean-Martin Fortier, are also popular.

Etienne-Guy Caza operates from two and a half years this family owned business opened in 1977 and which has two branches.

The back-to-school

All of the commands since the closure physics of the two shops, are directed to the Biblairie GGC King street West in Sherbrooke. They come by telephone and through the website dramatically.

“The return of the Easter holiday, the five voice mailboxes of the library were filled with over 500 posts and we had 300 orders over the internet”, he stated.

The books have become, in the current context, a kind of lifeline.

“It is our role at this time. It allows people to have books, games and puzzles for a change of ideas, to make the teaching at home, and to think about something other than what we see on the television, ” he said.

Etienne-Guy Caza look in front of him. He has in mind the future back to school in the fall. The biblairie GGC sells books to schools and also school supplies.

“I try to see beyond the crisis. What concerns me the most, is to see how we’re going to be able to accommodate the thousands of parents who have come here to buy the hardware and develop the stores safely “, he mentioned.

The bookstore owner and general manager continues to feed on the next books. He spends between 90 minutes and two hours of his day, in the evening, reading.

“I’m going to finish What we breathe on Tatouine and Jean-Christophe Réhel. A recommendation from my son. I don’t listen to the news “, he launched.

Suggestions for Étienne-Guy

  • The world Tree of Richard Powers (2018)
  • The snow Leopard of Sylvain Tesson (2019)
  • The Ghetto inside of Santiago Horacio Amigorena 2019
  • The Manufactures of the bastards of Chris Kraus (2019)
  • The darkness of Paul Kawczak (2020)

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