In Parliament “to knopkodavit” we have already begun kicking

В Раде «кнопкодавить» начали уже ногами

Despite the fact that the government has changed, people’s choices do not change the tradition to vote for their colleagues, and each time inventing more cunning schemes. However unnoticed they cannot stay because, as usual in the Parliament there are journalists, cameras and video, says the movement “Honestly”.

Members of the media recorded as the people’s Deputy from “Oppositional platform For life” Sergei Larin was engaged in a knopkodavstvo.

During the vote for the amendment to the bill to abolish parliamentary immunity, he, being the place of his colleagues in the faction of Victor Black, one hand pressed the button in front of him, and the other detonated by a strange “device” leg.

Soon, when voting for the other edits, Larin again detonated the device.

As reported the edition “Comments, President Vladimir Zelensky proposes a constitutional change to allow to deprive of deputies of the mandate by the court. Without authority remains pusher and those who missed a third of the meetings. The draft law envisages amendments to article 81 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

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