[IN PICTURES] A dog-robot distributes the gel to the hands in a shopping center in Bangkok

[EN IMAGES] Un chien-robot distribue du gel pour les mains dans un centre commercial de Bangkok

A distributor of hydroalcoholic gel with 4 legs answering to the sweet name of K9: it is this which now welcomes guests in mid-awed, half-suspicious in the commercial centre of Bangkok while Thailand reopen gradually all its activities after the outbreak of COVID-19.

Imitating the attitudes of a little dog crazy, the beast mechanical runs through Central World, one of the popular shopping malls of the metropolis, attracting the attention of the children who come to it to get the gel for the hands, into a bottle attached to the back of the robot.

Its movements are controlled using the 5G, which is in the early stages of its deployment in the country and that promises ultra-fast Internet and response time immediate.

“It is a convenient way for people to wash their hands as a preventive measure… in particular, in the situation of the coronavirus,” said AFP Petra Saktidejbhanubandh, mobile operator AIS, partner of the operation.

“The robots are here to help people, not to replace them. “

Many operators aim to deploy their network with ultra high-speed in the kingdom by the end of the year.

In addition to K9, another robot dubbed ROC may check your temperature, while LISA attends to educate customers.

But customers are not all convinced. For Lapassanan Buranapatpakorn, the mechanical framework skeletal K9 is ” creepy “.

“I think the robot itself and its way of moving is a little scary,” said the young woman of 29 years to the AFP in the alleys of the center, even if the idea of a gel dispenser, travelling is a ” good idea “.

Thailand has gradually lifted restrictions imposed on undertakings and businesses, which have taken measures, such as the spacing of the tables in the restaurants or the installation of separators in plastic in the salons of massage.

The kingdom records to this day 3101 cases of infection and 58 deaths.


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