[IN PICTURES] See animals wander around freely in the cities during the containment

[EN IMAGES] Voyez des animaux se promener librement dans les villes durant le confinement

Mariane Bergeron-Courteau

While more than half of humanity is confined to counteract the spread of the COVID-19, the animals return to their place in the cities to the four corners of the world.

Many countries have put their activities on pause to halt the pandemic. The streets are usually bustling are completely deserted, urging the animals to wander around freely in some areas.

The situation gives rise to scenes unseen. Here are a few:

New Delhi, India

Whereas the inhabitants of New Delhi stay at home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the animals begin to impose in the different neighbourhoods of the indian capital.








Ajaccio, Corsica, France

Corsica, like the rest of France, is in containment, but this does not apply to wild boar in the area who take the opportunity to explore urban areas abandoned temporarily by the human.



Çemişgezek, Turkey

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the inhabitants of Çemişgezek people see for the first time, mountain goats moving into the vicinity of the center of the village to taste the pasture.



London, England

A herd of deer decided to take a stroll in a district of east London at the beginning of the month of April, enjoying without remorse the grass of the city.





Prayagraj, India

The streets of Prayagraj are much more quiet since the entry into force of the measures of social distancing, but we can now cross a donkey while going to the atm.




Boissy-Saint-Léger, France

Two deer, who were walking in the small town of Boissy-Saint-Leger, near Paris, have been immortalized by a resident of the corner in mid-April.


Hebron, West Bank

A Palestinian from the city of Hebron has turned his backyard into a refuge for stray cats, many in full pandemic.



Istanbul, Turkey

The stray dogs of Istanbul do not interfere with more to lie down in the middle of the street, while the population is confined to the house.



Athens, Greece

A volunteer of the community agency Greek Nine Lives, who comes to the aid of cats abandoned at Athens, in charge of feeding a band of felines, even when the COVID-19 hits the entire world.


Karachi, Pakistan

Two good samaritans feed a dozen dogs abandoned, and hungry, in the empty streets of Karachi.



Pristina, Kosovo

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the measures of containment, the abandoned dogs are much easier to spot in the capital city of Pristina.



Santiago, Chile

A puma about a year was spotted in the deserted streets of Santiago at the end of march, down from the mountain to seek food.


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