[IN PICTURES] The reopening of the restaurants in Ashton cause of the crush

[EN IMAGES] La réouverture des restaurants Ashton cause la cohue

What is a Québécois would not do for putin? On Wednesday, several did not hesitate to wait up to an hour to enjoy one of Ashton who, like other restaurants, partly business.

After a month break caused by the crisis of the sars coronavirus, the fast food chain has re-opened services at the wheel of three of its points of sale, of which the menu has been simplified. For the safety of employees, the staffing was reduced.

It seems that a lot of fans of putin were waiting eagerly this time. On the stroke of 11 a.m., long queues of cars formed in front of the branches At Ashton street Marsh and the avenue Jules-Verne, Quebec, and Saint-Nicolas, Lévis.


“It’s crowded! It is a lack the psychological,” said in a tone of humour, a client of the restaurant in the Marais, Marie-Josée Laberge.

Some, like Daniel Imbeault, say they have waited an hour. “We are confined, it has nothing to do, so we said: we will go and see. It has been a while, and then it encourages a business in quebec”, he says.

At the caisse, Christopher and did not complain of being back at work. “It’s good and the atmosphere is fun, the sharing there.

While some of the banners have never stopped offering the service to self, delivery or take-out orders, others, such as Chez Ashton, had decided to close shop temporarily due to the pandemic.

Several institutions consider that the time has come to resume partial operations, provided that the government’s directives, such as the detachment physical, are met, and that the hygiene measures are sufficient.

Recall that the closure of the dining rooms is still in force in Quebec.


In Victor

In Victor also, many franchisees are eager to reactivate the grills. “They are all tanned to be at home with nothing to do,” says the co-owner of the banner, Denis Larue.

For a start, the company is going to get his truck street food, starting on Thursday, with several amenities for the safety of all. It will install in the parking lot of a Victor, different each weekend. First stop: the Beauport.

Moreover, the branch of the boulevard Laurier will accept orders for take-out and deliveries via UberEats and DoorDash.

On the various shopping streets of Quebec, other restaurateurs following in greece’s footsteps. The SDC Maguire announcement, for example, the return of the Faks of the Montego Resto Club and the pizzeria 900, with various formulas for “take-out”.

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