[IN PICTURES] The reopening of the restaurants in Ashton cause of the crush

[EN IMAGES] La réouverture des restaurants Ashton cause la cohue

The progressive reopening of the restaurants Chez Ashton seems to have done a lot of happy in Quebec city, Wednesday. On the stroke of 11am, the parking lots of the three branches now in office were literally flooded with customers.

A month almost to the day after the closure of all of its restaurants caused by the pandemic coronavirus, the mythical banner of poutine returned to service in its branches in the Swamp, Jules Verne, and Saint-Nicolas.

It is not possible to eat inside, only the service-to-self is offered. The menu has been simplified to allow the teams to concentrate solely on the preparation of poutine.

On the street of the Marais, a line of cars hundreds of meters was quickly formed. “It’s crowded! It is a lack of psychological”, is having fun with a big smile Marie-Josée Laberge.

For a lot of clients confined to the home, it is a comfort food that will do good. Waiting at least half an hour – which is close to probably even the time – does not seem to discourage many enthusiasts.



“It’s been a month that I expect to eat a poutine hot sauce extra sauce… We have three children at home who also wanted to, so we waiting for!”, launched another client, Suzie.

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