In Poland counted Ukrainian workers

В Польше пересчитали украинских заробитчан

The Deputy Director of Department of economic analysis of the national Bank of Poland Jacek Kotlovsky said that in Poland about 900,000 migrant workers from Ukraine.
According to Kotovskogo, the Polish economy was able to attach a huge number of people.

“Tensions in the labour market greatly reduced due to the influx of immigrants… today only from Ukraine there were almost 900 thousand immigrants, plus from other countries, including Belarus. It seems to us that in the Polish economy over 1 million effectively employed immigrants”, – said Polish expert.

It was also noted that the Polish national Bank is planning to provide the actual count of the number of immigrants in Poland, taking as a base the number of labour visas, residence permits in the EU (temporary and permanent), as well as maps of the pole.

Earlier Poland had considered Ukrainian workers using mobile phones. So as of March of 2019 in the Polish state, there were 1 398 270 migrant workers from Ukraine.

Ukrainian migrant workers began to refuse to issue work visas because of the “wrong” health insurance.

In addition ,it became known as Poland fights for labor migrants from Ukraine.

A prominent political analyst Yuri Romanenko had a meeting with the analyst of the Ukrainian Institute of the future Elijah Kusa, where experts dismantled the failures of Ukraine’s foreign policy.

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