In Poland resumed hearing on the appropriation of Jewish property

В Польше возобновились слушания о присвоении еврейской собственности

Dr. Ann Drillich probably the only Jew in the world, owning a Church, at least formally. Growing up in a family of Holocaust survivors, a doctor and lecturer at Monash University in Melbourne, Anne has repeatedly won court cases against the Church about the return belonging to her family property.

In 2016, made a final decision that the Church took possession of the land in tarnów gotten. However, the Roman Catholic Church refuses to recognize the rights of the owner is Jewish and is against this war of attrition, including anti-Semitic attacks. Recently, the “Holy fathers” connected “heavy artillery” in the person of the Ministry of justice resumed hearings on the case, which had already rendered a final verdict.

Family mother Ann Goldman, for centuries lived in Tarnow in Southeast Poland, where he owned a manor house with a neo-Gothic Villa and brick and tile factory.

On the eve of the Second world war the city’s population of 25 thousand Jews — half of the population. In 1941, the Germans deported Goldman family in the ghetto away from her all the property and estate. Almost the whole family perished in the Holocaust except his mother Ann Goldman Forms. Neighbor Blanca — pole, risking his life and the life of my family, helped her to hide from the Nazis.

Paradoxically, the fact that in 1945 the Polish government — and at that time already ruled by Communists — admitted Form Goldman the sole heir to the family property plundered by the Nazis. Having lived three years in his estate, Blanca in 1948 emigrated to Australia — the reason for leaving was anti-Semitism.

В Польше возобновились слушания о присвоении еврейской собственности

В Польше возобновились слушания о присвоении еврейской собственности

Blanca Goldman, in his house pereg emigration to Australia Dr. Ann Drillich on the steps of the Church, built on the grounds of family estate

In her absence the neighbor who saved her life and acknowledged as Righteous among the Nations, took care of the property Forms, using her power of attorney. And there was a kind of metamorphosis, when the person of the Savior became the traitor.

In 1973, after years of struggle with depression (during the war in the eyes of a woman shot by her mother) Blanca has committed suicide. According to relatives, neighbor-pole seized the moment, selling half the land of the local Church, and giving the second as a “voluntary donation”.

In 1986, the neighbor lied to the court that the property allegedly abandoned, and the whereabouts of Blanca and her family is unknown, despite the fact that the Bishop was charged with her husband in the Blanks with a request to sell Church property.

In other words, the transaction of purchase and sale was illegal. Moreover, in Australia none of it reported, and the heirs were not even compensated. So ugly picture emerged only in 2010, when Ann hired a Polish lawyer, considering the struggle for the return of property of a kind tribute to mother.

В Польше возобновились слушания о присвоении еврейской собственности

Ann Drillich in the cemetery in Tarnow at the stone in memory of her family perished in the Holocaust

After dozens of hearings and appeals, the Polish Supreme court adopted, in the end, the decision in her favor. However, social networking has developed this anti-Semitic persecution the family was accused of stealing Christian property!

The Polish government decided to resume the hearings going on about the Church — and, apparently, the court is unlikely to rule in favor of the plaintiff.

“The Catholic Church, prepared the fertile soil in which adults poisonous seeds of hatred of Jews, expressed in a Disaster, depriving of the inheritance of the children of those who survived, says the plaintiff. — Although in this case the word “survived” is not entirely true, if you take into consideration that my mother killed herself. She was forced to leave Tarnow because of the outbreak of postwar anti-Semitism, and the Church took advantage of this by stealing property belonging to it”.

Ann sent messages to the members of the clergy in Poland and in the Vatican, demanding justice, but there’s like a mouthful of water gained.

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