In Poland, the attitude to Ukrainians worse in just 10 years. The survey

The attitude of Polish citizens Ukrainians has deteriorated significantly. The number of citizens who belong to the Eastern neighbours with the antipathy considerably exceeds the number of those who show to Ukrainians the attachment.

У Польщі ставлення до українців найгірше за 10 років. Опитування

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As reported by Ukrmedia, referring to the newspaper Gazeta Prawna, according to the results of a poll conducted in Poland Center for public opinion research (CBOS).

So, only one in four has a positive attitude to the Ukrainians (24%), whereas antipathy experience 40% of respondents.

It is noted that the attitude to the Ukrainians and the Germans had seriously deteriorated and today is the least favorable for the last ten years.

The study’s authors argue that in comparison with last year the attitude of the poles has deteriorated almost to all Nations included in the survey.

Most of the poles like Czechs, Italians, Americans, Brits, Slovaks and Hungarians. Least of all Russians, Gypsies and Arabs.

According to the researchers, the attitude toward other Nations is primarily due to the level of education and size of place of residence. Respondents who were more educated, had expressed sympathy for other peoples. University graduates are also relatively reluctantly stated dislikes. In addition, residents of large cities often showed sympathy for foreigners.

Recall that an aggravation in Polish-Ukrainian relations occurred against the backdrop of the adoption in Poland of the act on the Institute of national remembrance, which the media called the law banning “banderizm”. It provides for criminal liability for “denial of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists”.

Earlier, Polish officials have repeatedly blamed the Ukrainian side for its vision of the historical circumstances of the first half of the twentieth century, in particular – to honor the memory of the leader of OUN Stepan Bandera as one of the fighters for the independence of the country.

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