In Poland, the minimum wage reached four minimum wages

The Polish government decided to increase the country’s population is minimal.

У Польщі мінімальні зарплати досягли чотирьох українських «мінімалок»

From 1 January, the Polish government decided to increase the minimum wage. Now the minimum payments to employees in the country 2,250 zlotys (about 16 thousand hryvnia), informs Rus.Media.

Noted that the minimum salary in Poland can count on temporary workers from Ukraine.

“The minimum wage in Poland was four times higher compared to Ukraine. The minimum salary to get employees on the least-skilled positions. Such work mainly Ukrainian workers”, – reported in the publication.

Also in Poland was revised official hourly salary rates employees to 11 zlotys (74 hryvnia).

From 1 January 2019 in Ukraine by decision of the government had set a minimum wage per hour at 25 hryvnias 13 kopeks.