In Poland there is a growing demand for specialists in the field of IT

The greatest demand for it specialists and financiers.

В Польщі зростає попит на фахівців в галузі IT

In the last three years on the Polish labour market the greatest demand is for specialists in Finance and it. Consequently, the wages of such employees are growing the fastest. Financiers with Ukraine is unlikely to be interested because of their influx to Poland was observed, but the Ukrainian it people – completely. Of all the Ukrainian programmers who have left our country, 26% settled in Poland. No one European country, informs Rus.Media.

The salaries of it people in the neighboring country rose in 2018 to an average of 13.3 thousand zlotys, i.e. up to $3545 (year added 6%) is 30% higher than three years ago, says Marcin Kosedowski, head of marketing at online school of programming reports Rzecpospolita.

Financiers in 2018 Polish banks have given more jobs by 14% than a year earlier. Second place in popularity is the experts in the administration – they made 11% more. Also in Poland there is a growing demand for accountants. Minimum wage senior accountant” has increased in 2018 to 8 thousand zlotys ($2130), that is 1.5 million zlotys ($400) compared to the 2017 year.

In turn, the salaries of financial analysts and Junior auditors has grown to 7.5 thousand zlotys ($2000). Salaries in the field of HR over the past three years has increased by 31%, to 10.6 thousand zlotys ($2823). Only last year they added 8%.