In Poltava man raped his own daughter, and that she did not tell anyone, and threatened with the murder of the mother

Close and could not think that he was capable of such an act.

На Полтавщині чоловік ґвалтував власну дочку, а щоб та не розповіла нікому, погрожував вбивстом матері

In the village of Semenivka, Poltava, my father made his 11-year-old to sex with him. Father of seven children, had threatened the girl with murder of his mother, if she will tell you about their secret, informs Rus.Media.

Hot husband caught his son. He immediately called the mother, and that without hesitation called the police. Everyone in the village, shocked by this act of her husband, saying that I would never have thought of it.

Now with the girl the psychologist works. The man was detained, on this fact opened criminal proceedings under part 4 of article 153 (sexual assault) of the criminal code of Ukraine. He faces up to 10 years in prison, the press service of the Prosecutor of Poltava region.

Earlier it became known that in Kiev the drunk man beat his wife so that he broke his finger (open fracture). Also the drunk head of the house chasing his wife with a knife in the apartment, and later moved to 9-year-old daughter began to choke the girl.

The girl managed to escape from a drunken father and began to call for help. Heard the cries of a child, the law enforcement officers who arrived on the scene. Inadequate man was arrested, after which he was given first aid and called an ambulance and the investigative team.