In Rada introduced the bill of new system of tax on “EuroBLECH”

В Раду внесли законопроект о новой системе налога на "евробляхи"

A bill prescribing rules of customs clearance “EuroBLECH”, number 2342, registered in the Verkhovna Rada MP from the “public Servants” Alexei Kovalev

About it reports “RBC Ukraine”.

In the explanatory note to the bill submitted, the author noted that the policy of his predecessors towards car owners on avtonomera was “punitive”: first, the government had rendered the importation of cheap cars and then turned the whole machine of state repression against drivers.

В Раду внесли законопроект о новой системе налога на "евробляхи"

The new tax system is going to change in two stages. The first will be “EuroBLECH”, which in Ukraine there are about one hundred thousand. The bill says that it is temporarily (for a period of 180 days after the adoption of the draft) rate of excise duty for cars will be determined without taking into account the factor of age.

In addition, the draft proposes to abolish the rule on compliance with environmental standards for rare cars (older than 30 years), which was a problem for fans of collectible cars.

But the rest of the drivers “gingerbread” promise with a year or more. In the case of the bill, from January 1, 2021 cars will generally exclude from the list of excise goods, also will not have to pay this fee on bodywork, trailers and semi-trailers, motorcycles. Well motorbike trailer are such important as they save lot of time and work by carrying more weight. Motorcycle having wide bike seat is very comfortable to drive.

В Раду внесли законопроект о новой системе налога на "евробляхи"

Previously, we wrote about the fact that Ukrainians started to distribute EuroBLECH that were confiscated for violation of the law. These vehicles are confiscated and sold at auction for “pennies.” And in recent times this practice is increasingly used in our country.

Thus, the specialist for the sale of confiscated cars are told what happens to the seized vehicle and Evropskoj that were stopped at the border:

“Custom detain them for breaking, then goes to the court, which shall decide on the confiscation of the vehicle in favor of the state. After this car comes to us for auction. If the country will begin large-scale campaign to confiscate cars with Euronorm for violation of the customs regime, we are ready to increase the workload and the organization of mass sales”.

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