In Romania, crashed the second week of a military plane

В Румынии разбился второй за неделю военный самолет

In Romania, crashed another war plane , this time crashed training aircraft of the Romanian air force IAR-99 Soim (“Hawk”), two pilots managed to eject.

The accident occurred at a military airfield Baza 95 “Bacau” near the eponymous town in the East of Romania, according to preliminary information, the plane crashed shortly after takeoff, according to Romania TV.

One of the pilots had ejected were quickly discovered and immediately hospitalized in the municipal hospital in Bacau, the second pilot is still trying to discover. After the fall of the plane caught fire, to the place of profit fire and rescue services.

According to the source channel, this weekend, the plane was supposed to take part in air show in Bucharest. Is establishing the causes of the disaster.

IAR-99 Soim — light training aircraft of the Romanian development and production; it can also serve as light attack aircraft. First received by the air force of Romania in 1987, has established itself as a pretty good, reliable and unpretentious machine.

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