In Romania, there were mass protests against the government

In Bucharest, several thousand people protested on Wednesday night against the new amendments to the criminal code approved by Parliament.

It is reported by Romania TV.

In the centre of Bucharest at the Parliament building gathered about 4 thousand protesters. They blocked traffic during the protest, clashes broke out between demonstrators and police, eight people were arrested.

В Румынии прошли массовые протесты против правительства

The protesters were holding flags of Romania, United States, the European Union and the posters, which the ruling Social democratic party of the country called the “red plague” and “thieves.” They also called on the government to resign. The protest ended around midnight.

В Румынии прошли массовые протесты против правительства

The participant holds a portrait of the head of the National anti-corruption Directorate of Romania, which the ruling party is trying to fire
The opposition stated that it adopted on Wednesday the amendments will weaken the powers of prosecutors to investigate corruption at a high level.

According to the document, the appellate courts will not be allowed to condemn a person recognized innocent by the lower court unless prosecutors are not submitted new evidence.

The changes also set a maximum duration of criminal investigations for up to one year that, according to critics, in fact, will destroy a complex web of cases of bribery in the country.

Romania is one of the most corrupt countries in the EU, and Brussels keeps its justice system under special monitoring since it joined the bloc in 2007.

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