In Rome opened the Palace of Nero, after 10 years of restoration

В Риме открыли Дворец Нерона после 10 лет реставрации

In Rome, opened after the restoration of the legendary Golden house of Nero, built after the Great fire, says Europulse.

The restoration works lasted ten years. During this time, restored the marble decoration and mosaics, and the lighting made the most similar to what was in the building during the life of the famous Emperor.

Visitors can see the exhibition halls and underground space of the Palace. To get to it will be via a single entrance ticket to the Colosseum, the Roman forum and the Palatine.

The Palace Nero had built after the fire that engulfed Rome in 64 ad. Then fire destroyed dozens of churches and monuments from the Palatine hill, in their place, Nero ordered the construction of a huge Villa.