In Russia, a solid hatred and rudeness, – the idol of millions of Russians Daniil Kozlovsky

In Russia broke another scandal – again a famous actor accused of compatriots in the “impudence and rudeness”.

У Росії суцільна ненависть та хамство, - кумир мільйонів росіян Данило Козловський

Still smoldering ashes caused by the February interview, the popular actor Alexey Serebryakov blogger Yuri Dude. Then Serebryakov, who several years ago moved with his family to Canada, but continues to play at home, said that the main national idea in Russia – “it’s the power, arrogance and rudeness”.

The words of the actor did not like many cultural figures and politicians. Serebryakova bowed as I could everywhere – on television, in the press, even at the meetings of the State Duma. Only a few people agreed with Alex and tried to speak in his defense.

And now almost the same words describe a fellow idol of millions of Russian Danila Kozlovsky. The star of the film “duhless”, “Crew” and “Viking” was removed as a Director, producer and script writer of drama “Coach.” It tells the story of the footballer who scandal ended his career, moved to a small town and became a coach for the local football team. The picture should appear in Russian cinemas on April 19.

On Friday, April 6, Kozlowski gave an interview in which he said that he was surprised by the negative comments of the Russian spectators who watched the trailer of “Coach.”

“Please note – no one talked about the material itself. Shit is flying or in the direction of Russian football, or me. Such amount of hatred I didn’t expect. I was shown a video in Europe, “Chelsea”, in London, in Ireland, in the United States. There is all round eyes: “Damn it! Who did this? Our? “”No, our Russian “. And in Russia – the sheer hatred and rudeness. Write as many nasty things that sometimes get lost. Think: “Well, what do you have for life-something x ******what are you so angry”, – said Kozlovsky.

Danilo immediately was bombarded with criticism, which is gaining power. On the screen all the same – first commented on the words of actor and Director musician Yuri Loza, has become a fashion blogger and Director Stanislav Govorukhin. Govorukhin called Kozlowski a loser, a weakling, who took a bad movie and is now angry. Vine said: “Well, what nonsense he talk to me? Why are the Russians angry? What the Latvians, the Estonians are Not? “.

Daniel stood up for the Director Alexey Uchitel, in which Kozlovsky played in the movie “Matilda”. Through this painting to the Teacher in 2017 had to endure a lot of unpleasant moments. Up a campaign, organized by the modern obscurantism. Its purpose was the ban of the film. “Matilda” was released.

Alexei Uchitel called statements Danila Kozlovsky right, because people who criticize a film based on the trailer, do not understand the industry. “He’s talking about those, I believe, quite unfounded allegations by people who don’t understand what is the film industry. I think about Russia, he said nothing. I think he properly responds because he wasn’t talking about the audience, ” said the Teacher. He added that negative comments about the “coaching” can be part of the official campaign of the individuals”.

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