In Russia, created a device to combat insomnia

В России создали устройство для борьбы с бессонницей

Scientists from the Center for Neurotechnology sleep and wakefulness, as well as the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS created a contactless device for reducing insomnia. The device also improves sleep quality, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to General Director Ilya Blokhin.

EcoSleep is a small box that generates electromagnetic pulses at very low frequency, from 1 to 40 Hz.

“Such exposure can naturally help a person to sleep, sleep deeply and Wake up”, – said Blokhin.

The device is able to control all phases of sleep and even help a person is easy to Wake up. Lowering and increasing the impulses, it makes the person all the work: starts sleep mode, deep sleep, generation of dreams, and then waking up, said the expert.

According to Blokhin, in the future, such devices will be demanded in the hotels, especially the guests, who often change time zones. Representatives of hotel business are already interested in the development.

Previously, experts from the University of Massachusetts has created a “smart” pajamas, which received the working title “Pijama”. It establishes the reasons why the person is not sleeping. Clothing built-in sensors that track the health status according to various indicators: heart rate, breath, posture and movement on the bed. Data obtained from sensors are sent via Bluetooth transmitter to your computer.