In Russia for the first time detained a criminal leader of a new article

В России впервые задержали криминального лидера по новой статье

In the Tomsk region law enforcement bodies and fighters of Regardie conducted a successful operation to detain a local resident, who is assumed to be the so-called thief in law, reports UMVD on region.

According to the new article, signed in April of the current year, are subject to criminal liability of a person for the fact of leadership in a criminal group.

It turned out that the man in the criminal environment has the nickname nick in Tomsk. During searches were able to seize documents and electronic media that the consequence is considered as evidence.

The detainee denied any involvement in a criminal group and says that he has a criminal name. The court has arrested a man for two months.

On 1 April the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law under which the leaders of the gangs will be prosecuted with imprisonment from eight to 15 years and a fine up to five million rubles.