In Russia kidnapped 28.5 million rubles in the design of a competitor of the American Hubble telescope

According to “Kommersant”, the fraudulent scheme was involved NPO Lavochkin, Institute of astronomy and “NPP INKOS”

В РФ похитили 28,5 млн рублей при проектировании конкурента американского телескопа Hubble

Moscow. January 10. – Russian Ministry of internal Affairs were engaged in investigation of criminal case about theft of more than 28.5 million rubles allocated from the Russian budget to develop cutting-edge space telescope T-170M – a potential rival the American counterpart of the Hubble, said on Thursday the newspaper “Kommersant”.

The investigation of the criminal case about swindle in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code) investigators are from December 24, 2018, and operational support of the staff of the economic security service of the FSB, says the publication.

According to the publication, in the basis of the case “laid down the complete insights in the past year, audit the execution of the state contract №361-75/11 dated 25 December 2012”.

“In the framework of this agreement was to be carried out various development work associated with the preparation of the creation of “world space Observatory “Ultraviolet”, which in the Federal space program appears under the designation “Spectrum-UV”, – stated in the material. The author notes that a basic element of a space system was supposed to be a super telescope T-170M, over creation of which do NGOs operate them. Lavochkin and the Institute of astronomy.

“Between these structures August 8, 2012 and was signed the subcontract in the amount of 2 billion rubles In the framework of this agreement was planned, particularly, creation of the various elements of the telescope,” – says the publication.

However, the newspaper said, after signing the contract with the NGO for the Institute of astronomy has signed three agreements with OOO “NPP INCOS”. “This society in the framework of the project “Spectrum-UV” assumed the obligation to manufacture in 2013, the technical equipment for the main and secondary mirrors of the telescope, a variety of scientific instruments and carry out “other special work,” writes “Kommersant”.

According to him, the value of the contract amounted to 31.1 mln RUB, “however, according to investigation, all of these works were performed at the production facilities of NPO Lavochkin employees of the Association itself without the involvement of third-party organizations.”

“Thus, according to the investigators, employees of NGOs, Institute of astronomy and “NPP INKOS”, creating a fictitious scheme of production of technical work, stole with it more than 28.5 million rubles”, – says the publication.

According to sources, in the case yet the defendants, however, they will appear in the near future, after it’s “fixed already assembled the evidence base.”

The newspaper notes that the telescope T-170M with a primary mirror diameter of 1.7 m should be the main element of the space complex “Spektr-UV”, which is able to provide a breakthrough in astronomy and astrophysics.

According to developers, the T-170M will be a direct competitor to the famous American space telescope Hubble in the field of high resolution spectroscopy, according to the material.