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В России с июля зарегистрированных самозанятых станет больше

The Council of the Federation July 1, will sum up the interim results of experiment on introduction in the territory of four regions of a tax on professional income. Senators will decide on the feasibility of extending the experience to other subjects of the Russian Federation. The Federal tax service said that technically the extension of the experiment, all ready, writes “the parliamentary newspaper”.

Currently in Russia there are about 90 thousand self-employed official, told the newspaper the Deputy head FNS Daniel Egorov. The service is technologically ready to scale the project up to the size of the country, primarily thanks to the mobile app “My tax” – it allows citizens, self-employed, to obtain a special tax status.

Now self-employed through the app pays tax at a rate of 4% for services to individuals and 6% for services for legal entities. They are given a tax deduction in the amount of 10 thousand rubles.

“Technologically we have all of the components are working normally reserved system scalability, system backlash, and in fact there are no surprises we don’t expect. It remained for the government and legislators,” – said Egorov.

Thus, according to him, technical failures scale of the problem is possible, but tax ready technologically and mentally.

“We’re not strictly falling, but experience is ready. Just need to learn to work in certain situations,” – said Egorov. He indicated that further improvement of the system is due to nuances of identification of the product meet the requirements of specific consumers.

In a global sense all the problems with a mobile application is solved, but there are still a lot of small issues that require immediate solutions.

“We are being criticized a lot, and we’re grateful for that, because due to the precise indication of the pain points we are able to improve the system. Citizens write to us, we immediately process the information and make the app better,” concluded Egorov.