In Russia started hounding Rotaru

В России началась травля Ротару

Director Sofia Rotaru Sergei Lavrov said in a recent interview said that the singer is very hard going through the persecution that turned against her in the media.

The message that she will sing for fans at the “Song of the year” caused a very violent reaction. According to the representative Rotaru, the actress never left the stage. Tickets for the December event, which will be held in Russia, began to be sold several months ago. If we talk about the fees, the participation in these events is always free, as shooting new year TV broadcast. Last year Sofia Rotaru in the first time arrived at the “Song of the year”, as Ukraine was temporarily imposed martial law, and the creative team are men, which would not have been out of the country. Now the Director of artist doesn’t know what to do next year.

According to him, Sofia Mikhailovna is a hostage of the political situation. In Russia, many public figures criticized the desire of rotary to come. In particular, Senator Valery Ryazansky called for a boycott of the speech of the artist. However, there were those who began to stand up for Sofia Rotaru. Among those politician Alexei Pushkov and singer Lev Leshchenko.

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