In Russia, the teacher was sentenced to 330 hours of work for a poem about Ukraine

The court sentenced the teacher of Alexander the Busheva up to 330 hours of mandatory’compulsory works for the publication of the poem On the independence of Ukraine . As additional punishment it imposed a three-year ban on working in the school.

У РФ вчителя засудили до 330 годин робіт за вірш про Україну

The court in the village of Trosna Orel region of Russia sentenced a school teacher Alexandra Busheva up to 330 hours of compulsory work for publishing on the personal page on Vkontakte, a poem “On the independence of Ukraine”. On Monday, April 9, reports Rus.Media.

It is noted that the German teacher by profession announced guilty under the article of inciting hatred or enmity.

Also as an additional punishment imposed on Busheva a three-year ban on working in the school.

In the verdict it is noted that the byshev supports “the regime that has developed in Ukraine after the coup of 2014”. Was quoted the testimony of the prosecution witnesses. In them, among other things, noted that the poet “never took place – so we decided to go the way of Judas”, “expresses his point of view different from the views of the overwhelming majority of the population of Russia”. Also mentioned that his mother was Ukrainian.

By the way, the poem “On the independence of Ukraine,” the teacher published on Facebook on 22 February 2015.

Recall that in March 2014 after the annexation by Russia of Crimea Alexander byshev wrote two poems, which in harsh terms urged Ukrainians to resist the invaders. In the framework of the opened criminal case was the linguistic examination, which found nothing criminal in the verses.

However, this was followed by another examination, according to which poetry Busheva awaken a hatred and enmity to the Russian. This re-examination of the court file.

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